Feature Request: select a tile to place colony capital during colonization (NOW COMES WITH A MOD TO SOLVE THIS)

Posted on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It's a bit dumb that colony capital placement is always random. Quite often I would prefer to be able to place it manually for the optimized tile usage.




I've just devised a quick simple mod as a crutch solution for the problem: you can now destroy your colony capital and rebuild it as any other improvement on any tile you wish with minimal production cost (will always take just 1 turn). Unfortunately mod won't work if you're loading old saves, but in a new game everything works like a charm.

How to install:

1. Download it

2. Unpack into your mod folder (My_Documents/My_Games/GalCiv3/Mods)

3. Make sure 'Enable mods' is checked in game's options menu


Current version has a bug that allows you to build surplus colony capitals on other planets once you destroy it somewhere, I'm looking into fixing it.

As the game gets updated, I will also keep track and update my 'mod' to the latest version.