War, why should it ever end? Peace, what it is good for?

Posted on Sunday, May 10, 2015

Disclaimer: based the current opt-in beta 6.2


I am currently in a game in a game on a gigantic map with 7 other civilizations on though difficulty (i.e. every a.i. is genius). I am currently the second best civ score wise.

The leading civilization declared war on me, so i bribed every other civ to declare war on the leading a.i. (not that i care much because the a.i. is not good at waging a decisive short war of conquest*). It then struck me that doing so would in the end just feed my opponent with even more worlds and make him stronger to beat later on.

When i started the game the Krynn declared war on me and i wiped them out. I had the malevolent eager ideology as well the patriotic ability, i.e. war does only one thing for me: make me stronger, e.g. my approval on my older worlds is 50+ base pop now. Every world i conquer makes my other worlds more happy, makes my economy stronger and weakening my opponents. Why shouldn't i be at war, as long as i can win it?


Coming from Europa Universalis it really struck me that there is no downside for war. Just as an counter example, when you win a war in EU4, you risk of heavily destabilizing your country, when you take too much land and it is very likely that there will form major coalitions against you for being a warmonger. While i do not ask for a system as in EU4, i would like a cost associated to war:


-When i wage an offensive war of extermination (as in the default war in GalCiv 3), why do my citizens not rebel (unless being Yor or Drengin)? Why do other races stand by and watch the rise of a all-consuming monster?

-Why don't i get economic bonuses when a war of extermination is declared on me? I sure would work a lot harder if i knew aliens would come for my precious bodily fluids.

-Why are there no different kind of wars (border line disputes, war around a strategic planets/starbase/resources, trade wars, show of force and so on)?

-Why is there no war exhaustion when i throw billions of my citizens at my enemy? One day they work in a factory buildings ships, the next day they are shipped off to die.

-Why is every citizen a combatant? Why is there no dedicated soldier class? How is it possible that a world of scientists all take up arms?

-Why is there no sort of empire morale that is affected when you loose whole fleets or have major victories?

-When i stab a long term ally in the back and exterminate their population by orbital bombardment, why do i not face major upheavals from my citizens?


Imho the diplomatic, economic and internal aspects of war are really underwhelming at the moment. Incidentally such systems could give a lot of depth to certain civilizations. I would really welcome a much deeper war/diplomatic system and some form of internal politics.




*i.e. building up fast ships to surgically take out ship yards and weak star bases, nor does it prepare for war with prebuild invasion fleets at the border etc. usually war against the a.i. ramp up slowly and are better described as war by exhaustion, than strategy and tactics.