What's improved over gcII

Posted on Saturday, May 9, 2015


I'm a big fan of Galciv II, But even with the fan patches it has some issues i find. Some AI issues/bugs, and at times personality seems lacking. I also feel at times, much of the threats feel like a bunch of hot air..  Like the drengin just having a couple planets, or even when thallan's own half of space they don't do much in the way of threaten anyone. Terrans are the ones that do have a bit of bark i find, as if they are on the map they are pretty much the biggest competition.  But even depsite all that, i find the game tons of fun. but i have to ask to those playing III, what are the biggest improvements, and are their any things that Galciv II does better?


I also have to wonder about the AI in general, is it improved over II?  do the races feel more unique now?  I know the animations look pretty fantastic. I have been following the game a bit, Like 64 bit, and 99 races with customs, but what are the real changes between the two?


also, the ship builder, it looks improved as well, i'm currious how big of change is it?  Also, do ship improvements effect ships more now?  It seems like in the II, often defenses didn't work that great, and reasons too use life support, or even engines was sometimes even pointless, has this changed at all?


any links to any topic you think i might like would be greatly appreciated as well..  Thanks for the help in advance. 


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