[MOD] Jia Kuja Anomi (A Faction Mod)

A legend comes to life

Posted on Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Introduction: The Jia Kuja Anomi Faction Mod is intended as a complete mod, offering a unique faction experience with a custom tech tree, unique techs and improvements, custom ships, and more.  This is best used as a long-game mod because this faction starts off with some serious limitations which are overcome with time.  This is also the first full-scale mod that I have shared publicly. As such, there are likely many little mistakes, typos, and certainly some issues with balance and AI. This is, and will be for some time, a work in progress as I hammer out problems, errors, imbalances - as well as keep up with game updates which make "break" the mod. If you try this mod, I would really welcome any feedback you have to offer, including reporting of bugs, typos, or noticeable balance issues. So, with that out of the way, here we go.

  1. Acknowledgements & Credits
  2. Main Features
  3. Download and Installation Instructions
  4. The Jia Kuja Anomi Story
  5. Kuja Technologies and Improvements
  6. Version Log
  7. Future Development
  8. Screenshots
  9. FAQs

I. Acknowledgements & Credits

Current Race Leader image: Created by Der-Reiko ( Pending)
Current Race Background image: Created by Vidom (c)2015 Vidom (Vincenzo Bagni) ( by Permission)

II. Features

  • Inherent disadvantages at start
  • Unique Tech Tree
  • Unique Improvements
  • Unique Starbase Modules
  • Complete custom ship designs
  • (more coming soon... or someday)

III. Download and Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Mod the following link: 
  2. Unzip and place the folder "Kuja Mod" and its subfolders and files within your mod directory. (Usually, Documents->My Games->GalCiv3->Mods)
  3. IMPORTANT: Copy the files in the Designs Folder into your Designs folder in "Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Galactic Civilizations 3/Designs". (Note: This is necessary because the current modding system does not read ship designs from either the mod folder or Design folder in your My Games folder.) (Skipping this step will cause the game to crash when trying to load your map). 
  4. Make sure mods are enabled in game via the "Options" menu.