What exactly do the "Precursor Relic Focus" spec techs do?

Posted on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Subject title pretty much says it all. But to expand a bit, the there is a specialization trio in the middle of the Engineering Tech tree called "Precursor Relic Focus".  In them are the following three techs:

Precursor Technologist (Increases Precursor relic research benefits)

Precursor Cultural Studies (Increases Precursor relic cultural benefits)

Precursor Capitalization (Increases Precursor relic economic benefits)

But unlike nearly all of the other techs, these don't actually spell out what they actually DO mechanically.  There are no starbase modules attached to them.  There are no improvements.  And there are no tooltips explaining exactly what they improve and how they improve them.

So has anyone figured out the actual mechanical benefit for these techs so it players can know which to choose (and why)?

I suspect they might increase the benefits that some of the relics give.  But do these three actually increase the benefits from Research Relics, Cultural Relics, and Economic Relics?  If so, by how much?  And also if so, where are the two techs to help out Manufacturing Relics and Approval Relics?