4 GB RAM systems

Crash after crash

Posted on Monday, May 4, 2015

Hiya everybody.

I'm having some issues playing the game particularly concerning crashes. I get them frequently and sometimes randomly. I have submitted a few support tickets and uploaded the relevant files for SD to investigate. 

My main concern is if the game will be playable on systems with 4 GB RAM as that's the amount I have. I'm worried that the game will crash as it runs out of memory and there is nothing I can do. The game has improved immensely since the start of the beta, and is actually playable without game-breaking stuttering. However the crashes completely ruin it as the load times can be long.

Does anybody else with less than 4 gigs have the same problem, or should I be looking in fixing something else (or indeed wait for SD to further optimise the game and fix CTD bugs).