Cheevos are now up at Steam! [Updated as of 1.01 opt-in patch]

Posted on Saturday, May 2, 2015

Here are the current 45 Steam Achievements, as of v1.01 (opt-in).

New Recruit (Play for 5 hours across all games)
Space Emperor (Play for 100 hours across all games)
For Arcea (Start the campaign)
There is a crusade coming (Win the campaign)
Under Pressure (Win a game in under 200 turns)
Our New Home (Colonize your first planet)
Flying in Style (Create your first ship design)
Aliens?!?! (Meet your first Race in GC3)
Friends, for now... (Ally with first other major faction)
Worlds to Rule (Own 30 planets)
We Care For The Least of Us (Unlock all the Benevolent ideology traits)
Results Outweigh Ideals (Unlock all the Pragmatic ideology traits)
Means To An End (Unlock all the Malevolent ideology traits)
Honorary Stardockian (Play for 1000 Hours)
Enlightenment Attained (Win as the Altarian)
Market Leader (Win as the Iridium)
Drengin Supremacy (Win as the Drengin)
From the Shadows (Win as the Iconian)
There Is Only The Way (Win as the Krynn)
From Earth to Distant Stars (Win as the Terran)
Another Dimension Ruled (Win as the Thalan)
World Without Flesh (Win as the Yor)
Conquerer (Win by Conquest)
They Want To Be Us (Win by Cultural Influence)
A Universe Without Enemies (Win by Diplomacy)
Beyond This Universe (Ascension victory)
No More Secrets (Technology Victory)
Crusher of Souls (Win in Multiplayer)
Trying to Prove Something (Win on an Insane sized map)
Built From Nothing (Win as a Custom Faction)
Revenge (Recapture your homeworld)
Boldly Go (Use a Worm Hole)
Danger Zone (Survey an anomaly in a dust cloud/nebula)
Merchant Empire (Have 12 or more Trade Routes)
Greedy (Collect 15 Anomalies in a game)
Precursor Legacy (Control all Relics on the map)
All Your Base (Destroy an Enemy Faction)
Exterminate (Destroy the Iconian faction, as the Yor)
Vengence (As the Iconians, take back Iconia (Yor's starting homeworld) from the Yor)
I Assume You Were Talking Back (Declare war before you have Universal Translator)
Eco-Unfriendly (Use Core Disruption invasion 10 times in one game)
Troublemaker (Be at war with 5 different factions at the same time)
Warrior (Win a Battle)
Ships to Scrap (Destroy more than 15 enemy ships in a battle)
Pirate Scum! (Destroy more than 7 Pirate bases)

Yes, I know. Hell. I really don't care about achievements myself. Then again, the siren song can be hard to resist.