[Faction-Mod] Alliance-Union universe custom races

custom made races based on great author C. J. Cherryh

Posted on Friday, May 1, 2015


Here is my small contribution as an appreciation to C.J.Cherryh.


Oxigen Factions

















Methane Factions

- currently methane-breathers do use synthetic setup as placeholder

- I'd really recommand to have those 3 methane factions in 1 team for better experience

- as tribute to author's original creation you may avoid any interactions with chaotic Knnn or crazy Chi   

- as soon as something like gas planets are playable, those factions get reworked








(manually dl no longer upgraded, pls use Workshop Collection)

(as a hint: manual files should be placed C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\Documents\my games\GalCiv3\Factions )

Graphics Complete


Factions Complete


As for Opt-In Version 1.1 the factions are availible in a Workshop Collection.





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