Steam Elite Founder visual suggestion.

Posted on Friday, May 1, 2015

May I make a suggestion that Stardock add a non functional DLC called  "Elite Founders" or similar to all steam uses that should have it. My fear is that say a year down the road, or even when the real DLC comes out there will be people thinking they are founders when they were just beta tested. Saves many steam tickets and  flooding the forum with posts when this happens.

I know alot of games that have done a similar thing and its really helpful, the only way I can check atm is checking my old purchase history on steam which is a pain for people who don't know where it is.

Tho to be honest the main reason I want this is it would give me a piece of mind knowing that when a DLC comes out I know way in advance there wont be any issues with steam forgetting that I was in fact a founder. Currently all versions of Gal Civ 3 on steam are visual the same.


Elite Founder visual