Galactic Civilizations III - Beta 6 patch 1 changelog

Posted on Thursday, April 30, 2015

–RELEASED 05/04/2015–

Galactic Civilizations III Beta 6.1 is now available! This update includes the interactive tutorial as well as many polish points, with UI tweaks like new hotkeys, balance adjustments, and bug fixes.



Added Edge Scrolling

Added hotkeys for Guard, sentry, survey and explore

Added interactive tutorial scenario



Fixed multiplayer desync issues

Fixed an issue in multiplayer where the last person to choose if they wanted a quick battle or to view the battle decided the outcome for both players (now each gets their own results)

Fixed an issue which could cause a fleet to become unselected after battles and through other fleet changes

Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to buy all the techs when you have a bunch of research (like starting the game with the Intuitive trait)

Fixed crashes that could happen when someone defies the UP

Fixed a MP issue where all players saw the Pick resolution window instead of just the UP president

Fixed an issue where the skybox from the last battle would flash flash before a battle was started

Fixed an issue making missiles appear to miss (they were actually hittign, but they were going to where the target ship was when they fired, not where it was when they got there)

Fixed a crash that happened after invasion because a ship was ejected outside of the normal time that ship was allowed to move (on another players turn)

Fixed a crash from to many vertices in influence lines on insane sized maps

Fixed an issue where the game could crash during invasion if the depending planet had 0 population

Fixed a crash caused by the game trying to place a shipyard outside of the playable area (if the planet was really close to the edge of the map)

Fixed an issue causing the AI to make a trade offer ever turn in MP

You will no longer be notified of an foreign ship in your territory if its under fog of war

Diplomatic agreements are now canceled if one of the players dies

Fixed an issue causing the icons ont he colony screen to be messed up

Fixed an issues causing "New Player Race" to show up as a faction in the game

Fixed the Krynn logo

Fixed a bug in the starbase screen and pre-invasion screen did not display properly when bloom option was turned off. (running the low performance settings)

Fixed an issue with ship thumbnails in the Ship Designer with a Custom Race.

Fixed more typos

Fixed the issue with the Thalan Targeting assist in the Technology Tree.

Fixed missing Icons on Xeno Archeology.

Fixed icons for starbase modules.

Fixed missing stat icons

Fixed the Organized trait

Fixed 2 hung game bugs

Fixed an issue causing mp game turns to take to long

Fixed an issue causing the game to hang during invasions

Fixed an issue where double clicking a stationed ship in the ship list causes a crash

Fix masking issue in Diplomacy Report Window

Fixed Yor Quantum Miniaturization (Max optimized Synthetic population is now 60 per planet)

Fixed "No Flavor Text Found" if you talked to someone on your team before you had researched universal translator

Fixed bug where the ship designer landing wnd cleared the view and selection info and everything if you clicked on an entry in the inventory list of a selected ship 



Previously star bases influence only extended to their area of effect, now they are influence generators just like a planet

Resistance now modifies how much outside culture effects you. So if your planet has 50% resistance then only 50% of the outside culture will be compared to your planets culture for determining if your planet begins to rebel or flip.

Increased trade resources

Change Courageous Race Trait to Resistance from planetary defense

Added resistance option to Militarization specialization

Modified several improvements to modify Resistance

Removed ship size modifiers for tactical speed (this way small ships dont rush forward and die on their own, lfeets tend to stick together better)

Moved front ranks of battle formation closer to the battle

Took hyper drives off the default freighter blueprint

Flavor text changes

Minor AI tweaks

Switched colonization events from influence to influence per turn

Significant rebalance to anything that provides influence

Lower ambient on all planets to 0.05

Tweaks to the bloom speculator intensity

Reduced the amount of techs required to get into the final tech age

Lowered cost of shipyards from 250 to 150



Added the ability to have flavor text based on personality types. That way when you create custom factions their language can be based on the personality to assigned to them when they are played by the AI.

AI will prefer to colonize planets that are not in someone else's borders

Fixing exploit where you can trade an AI your planet and rob them blind,then culture flip the planet back

The AI wont want to buy a planet that can be culture flipped easily

The AI wont want to do credits per turn treaty that will put them severely in debt

AI interacts with players slightly more often

AI players not in range of the player that have relations with the player will now occasionally initiate contact

Changed how aggressively the AI pursues constructors and starbase expansion, especially on lower difficulty levels

Reduced some of the AI bonuses on higher difficulty levels

The AI will contact the player more often

AI will correctly draft nearby units as defenders if a planet is under threat from transports and send them to defend

Escorted fleets will attack and invade planets in a single turn

AI values trade goods higher

AI values different ship classes differently in trade negotaitions



Removed the "Beta - For testing porpoises only" watermark from everywhere

Lots of new sound effects

Lots of new icons

Lots of tweak ins on planet textures and lighting

You can now see all ships in a fleet in the fleet view window

Defeat music added

Conquest music added

Alliance victory music added

Turn limit music added

Lots of additional ambient music added

18 Music themes (war and peace) for talking to various aliens (about an hour of music) added.

9 declare war music themes added

AI players not in range of the player that have relations with the player will now occasionally initiate contact

There is a default music theme for minor races

Main game window no longer resets music when it's hidden which resulted in ambient music always restarting when you came back from a full screen window (hence you only heard the first few seconds of each song in all likelihood)

Game now restores your tax slider positions when coming out of debt mode.

Improvement tooltips say if the improvement is colony, player or galaxy unique

Ship components now list the manufacturing cost they add to the ship

Planetary defense is always visible in the planet window

Added the Faction name to the front of fleet names

Added the release loading splash screen

Removed Beta popup from the start of the game

Enabled the "Leaderboards" button on the main menu

Clean up starbase Window and entries

Minor UI update to the tutorial window

Adjusted bloom levels in some of the ship combinations (if you put the painted iconian material on terran style ships the ships glowed)

Make text in Trade route list entry single line to avoid weird warping

After the opponents have been chosen for a new game, goes through and finds duplicate map colors, and assigns a new map color and appearance def from the list of those not being used yet so that the race is distinguishable

Hooked up hotkeys for Construct Starbase and Construct Shipyard in the fleet and ship context wnds



Locators no longer store their name as a string, they use a UINT16 value to specify a "type" (saves lots of memory)

Locator transform data has been reduced from 16 floats to 7 floats, 3 for translation, and 4 for rotation quaternion (saves even more memory)