Disable Tech Tree Specializations!

Posted on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I really hate it. To the point I don't want to play the game anymore, its a game breaker. In all strategy games I focus on research and in GC3 my custom human race their first priority is to research, its part of my strategy. Playing with "specializations" sucks... I exited the game immediately I can't stand this...

Looking in the xml files seems to be a nightmare to disable them someone needs to spend hours and hours to make a mod for tech to work properly.

Stardock, Frogboy and anyone there, please give us back the full tech tree I'm sure most players will agree with me. Tech tree has been shortened so much and cut lots of good stuff in the game.

At least make it an option when we start a game we choose free or specialized. Don't force this terrible limitation..

Personally this made me to stop playing the game I will not play untill this is fixed or there is a mod which seems very complex someone needs to rewrite the entire tech trees for all races!

I was so anxious to play the Beta 6 but not like this.. game breaker!