cat and mouse battle tactics

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I have seen this behavior several times now.  The pirates are attacking my poor little shipyards.  Boo!  The shipyards are defending themselves.  Yay!  But during the battle it gets a little strange.  There are five little pirate ships, three of one kind and 2 of the other.  They have slightly different stats but the same label.  During the battle viewer, two of the pirates approach quickly and get blown up before they close.  Shooting stops while the other three close.  They then proceed to dance around the shipyard like old Western movies show the warriors taunting the circle of wagons.  It looks like they are just daring the shipyard to take a shot.  After 10 or so seconds of this, the shipyard fires one shot.  A second later everything is blazing away like crazy.  And the three pirates die.  Four battles so far have followed that exact script.


Strange looking tactics.  I am not sure it is totally invalid in general, but are they actually trying to make the shipyard waste a round of infinite ammo?


Before I submit tickets, can anyone confirm this weird behavior?