I love this game but HOW THE HECK DO YOU PLAY?

Posted on Sunday, April 26, 2015

Id like to start this post by saying, I am really excited to play this game! 

Here is what I need to be able to enjoy this game, perhaps this info is already documented... if so can someone link?:


1) I need clarification on the actual effects of researching tech ACROSS THE BOARD. Example: Ship speed vs Ship moves? This is game terminology - it should be explained somewhere. Also the research item descriptions (which make use of undefined game terminology) are either missing / only partially visible on the research tree UI.


2) Where does it say what research is necessary in order to build certain ships/craft?


3) How do I que up a long research order so I dont have to continuously go into the tech tree and tell it what to research? Ive tried holding down shift, alt, ctrl, etc.... I'd like to see a highlighted line of research techs which are going to be researched in the order I click them. 


4) I'd like starbases explained - where are resources explained? Are there tutorial videos on game mechanics? 


5) Games of this detail are all about the specifics, I need specific details where can they be found? Data, #'s, non fluffy descriptions. please