I cant believe they are releasing it so soon!

Posted on Saturday, April 25, 2015

When I found out that Galactic 3 is releasing as a final product so soon, I  became very concerned. Its such a great game but i feel it is really unfinished at this point. so many things aren't quite up to par in my opinion. I would be very sad if it is just chucked out the door at this point.

First off. I still don't see an option to turn of the pre-built ship designs and as of the last update i cant even delete my own designs. I dislike all the clutter and would really like to disable that feature. Also please bring back the ability to delete my own ship designs.

Second. Ever since the that invasion screen came out I have really felt it was lazy and bland, nothing seems animated and its really boring. I was hoping for something cool like a bunch of cut-scenes of invading troop. somewhat like in Galactic Civ 2 before all the DLC's, but instead its even worse than the one that is currently still in Galactic Giv 2. Please do something more entertaining than that. I was really hoping and expecting for something cinematic like displayed on short video when you launch the game.

Also i would like to see something to aid fleet management. with such large worlds there is a big need for many fleet which eventually turns into a logistical nightmare, not remembering what fleet is where doing what. also upgrading ships. maybe this is in i don't know quite yet but can you upgrade all ships of one type yet? if not can you implement that in? and also the ability to disband all ships of a chosen type.

I'm sure there are quite a few other issues i just can't think of right now. But these are my major concerns. What do all you guys think?