Playing Yor -- does Synthetic Growth bonus do anything?

Posted on Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hi.  Could someone please help me understand what Synthetic Growth bonuses do.

I'm playing as the Yor and I have researched 'Accelerated Reproduction' which gives a Synthetic Growth bonus of +10%

On one of my planets I also have a Power Matrix which provides an additional Synthetic Growth bonus of +25%

When I hover my mouse over the Population stat for that planet I see:

  • Growth per Turn: 0
  • Accelerated Reproduction +10%
  • Power Matrix +25%

However, the population never changes unless, of course, I manufacture an Assembly Project to create 5 more Yor. The Synthetic Growth bonuses don't seem to change any of this and I certainly do not see any population growth.

Thanks for your help.