Galactic/Mega Events

Posted on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Here is a list of events that I miss from Galactic Civilizations II...

  1. The mega event that made all planets with in a select area a class x planet especially nice mid to late game.
  2. The mega event that doubled planet quality on a select planet.
  3. The mega event which destroyed select planet from comet.
  4. Individual planet colonization events that increase planet quality by xx%
  5. New minor race discovered.

Here is a few suggestions on galactic events that would be nice for Galactic Civilizations III.

  1. Star explodes into nebula (destroying all planets and objects in system)
  2. Star collapses into black hole (destroying all planets and objects in system)
  3. Nebula condenses into new system (destroying everything in nebula, however potentially creating new planets)
  4. Pirates hijacked all ships in the galaxy dropping cargo anywhere and everywhere...  (re-spawns anomalies throughout the galaxy as they were laid out at the start of the game) (down side some random ships/star bases may be destroyed or take damage)
  5. Comet NC-786 flew through the outer sections of galaxy causing dramatic climate change on many planets.  (Causes several planets to be dead [negative] change to extreme world [positive or negative] or dead world to now support life.)  Would not effect every planet in galaxy but maybe several in a line crossing the galaxy.

Anyone else have suggestions or things that they miss from Galactic Civilizations II?