[Feedback] U.I. - Bad Design

Posted on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Beta ver

A quick U.I. comparison between GalCiv2 and GalCiv3.


I can see, at a glance, the status of my relations with all my opponents simultaneously.


What is the status of my relations with the other players?

I must display a tooltip for each opponent to know it, and I have to remember the status of all relations whenever I change civilization (only one tooltip can be displayed at the same time).


Essential info are hidden in the tooltips, and this is recurrent everywhere in the game.

Tooltips are great to provide precisions about/complemantary info (ex: these 10 research points come from this, this, and that, etc.).

There is too much tooltips to check currently, sometimes less is more, directly display the essential info, so the player can play the game without the hassle to have to check tooltips everywhere (and only one tooltip can be displayed at the same time).

The U.I. is the first contact the player has with the game, if the U.I. is not adequate, the game experience is poor.

Please, let the player fight the aliens and not fight the U.I.