Vote for the top six! (UP feedback)

Posted on Saturday, April 18, 2015

UP feedback.

I hate voting for the top six powers only.

This must have been borrowed from the Canadian political system, wherein only a tiny fraction of the population are genuinely represented.

UP should be direct democracy, proportional representation at worst.

I've thought of other stuff, however, this is the first thing that irks me enough to alt-tab and rush to the forums.


UP, I defy you.

Bring on your "consequences".

I'm the most powerful political force in the galaxy, yet somehow, as I don't have enough warships, I'm not worthy of a vote?

I just organized every benevolent faction in the galaxy into a military force to deal with the Yor, and yet I'm not worthy of consideration to lead that force?

Utterly ridiculous.

Apparently military might is the only thing that matters when considering "power".



Ah, I thought of something else.

Ideology feedback.

... where's the good guys?

Benevolent threaten you with obliteration.  Pragmatic threaten you with obliteration.  Malevolent threaten you with obliteration.

Benevolent doesn't like you because you're weak.  Pragmatic doesn't like you because you're weak.  Malevolent doesn't like you, alas, you're weak.

Benevolent demand, coerce, sneer, blackmail, extort, etc.  Pragmatic, etc.  Malevolent, etc.

Spot the difference.

This is essentially what I hated the most about Sid Meier's colonialism love-in; there's no damn difference between the factions, other than colour choice, they all behave in the same fashion (reprehensibly), and its tacitly accepted that that's just how it is.

We don't have worthy allies, longstanding relationships, honourable contracts, or just dealings, because they simply don't exist.