Building system: factory1, factory2 and so on.. bug or by design?

Posted on Sunday, April 12, 2015

When I started playing GC3 last year and found that I have to build a factory level1, then level2 and so on, I thought it was a bug.

But as it seems it's by design. which I really hate having to build all the old improvements when I have the latest technologies. It's strange and stupid.

Gamewise some might say it's good but when I research the most advanced factory I want to build that one and not the old tech first and it takes too long when I have many new planets waiting all the upgrades for 4 factories and the power plant then the rest improvements...

so my questions to Stardock is this

-is this really intentional or is it gonna change in a future patch or the final version?
-is it possible to change it with a mod and how? which xml file I need?


also a note about improvement list on later stages of the game it becomes veeeeery long and it's becoming difficult to scroll all over again and again to find the one you want
why not a table with icons and just a name?
categorized by function, factories and power, influence, military etc.

it would be so much easier..