message for frogboy from a galciv2 user

savegames testing

Posted on Sunday, April 12, 2015


please do test your largest maps & the save function thoroughly. for each update.

I only played the largest maps because for me it's all about building a galactic empire spanning over dozens of planets, I would not be satisfied by owning 5 planets.


so ... why am I saying that ?

because galciv2 had several savegame related bugs over the course of its life ( after release )

-the additional movement bug upon loading a savegame (load a savegame: move a ship, save the game, reload, you can remove the same ship again. quitting the game had no influence, only solution was to save at the beginning of a turn) (took months before that bug was ever looked into & solved)

-the influence display bug  (which is still present in some form as of today but back then it even showed in civilizations stats)

-the no production, no nothing savegame bug

-the "turn events" disappearing bug (you had to save AFTER having checked all your "buiding completed" events and such, because they would disappear on reloading)

-and probably more I don't remember (been way too long now )


good luck.