Issues in Beta 5 to opt in patch

Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I've played quite a bit since beta 5 came out and have tried the opt in, which I think is the beta now and I've found a bunch of issues.


Timers:  That I've found no times work, the can't have a war declared on you trait from pragmatic never expires.  Also I got the impression that the events were intended to be temporary but they never expire.  Then again some  of them do seems to be intended to last for the duration of the game but if they are not all intended to be for the duration someone needs to look at that.


Events:  Several of the events say something is going to happen but it doesn't.  I got the scout event and chose pragmatic, none of my ships gained increased sensor range, I may have gotten some range increase but didn't think about checking that until at least 10 turns later by which time I had forgotten where my limits were.  I haven't gotten the terraforming event in beta 5 but I assume it still doesn't work either.


Sensor miniaturization doesn't work as intended, I believe its still tied to live support and as I was playing the Yor tech tree where range extension works differently my sensors never got smaller.


Planetary resources:  I was playing a Synthetic race so I was trading away my Monsantium but it stayed in place.  I think I got the benefits of the resources I traded for but they didn't replace what I traded for, I think I traded something else away but can't remember off the top of my head what it was.


Power ratings:  Overwhelmingly tied to military ships, I was playing against normal AIs so I quickly pulled ahead technologically and industrially but I didn't start building warships until war was declared against me, my ships were better and I was wiping out my opponent but was still rated as much weaker despite having no trouble kicking the Drengin all over space.


Ideology event choices:  Ideology choices are pretty weak.  First there should be bonuses of all types for all three ideologies, the malevolent races can always lie and use propaganda to make themselves look good, giving them influence bonuses.  And even then some people would willingly be subjugated for stability so break up the bonuses so benevolent isn't so overwhelmingly influence based while malevolent is overwhelmingly manufacturing and economy based with lots of approval penalties.  Pragmatic is generally just meh bonuses and minor penalties, I suggest more try to turn this into a positive than just trying to minimize any situation.


Ideology trees:  Some of the traits are just overpowered, like the free ships for every planet, oh so broken.  They sound good but cause major issues in the game, I would suggest 5 or so Overlords rather than for every planet, and maybe 15 ships for the version.  Also not all of them work as intended, the new planet ones for benevolent don't seem to work, the pragmatic no war declarations for 50 turns is forever.  I didn't check each and every one but I'm assuming someone has.  Also same goes here for what I said about the event bonues, each should have bonues for everything just some ideologies get a bit more of certain things, they shouldn't be so tightly focused.