Moving from Windows to MAC OSX

Posted on Sunday, April 5, 2015

Being dissapointed from Windows 8 and upcoming 10 (9 actually) their new ways and interface I decided to abandon Windows after 19years and go to much better but also very expensive iMac with OSX.

I do have some questions though for users who have Macs and they can englighten me before I buy an iMac.

Windows is the most widely used OS hence almost everything out there is designed and made for them. I know I can install windows in my iMac but want to know if there are enough apps and games that are native to OSX.  Surely Photoshop is, What about games like GC3 and other strategy games I play like Civilization etc. most on Steam.


1. Compatibility: Apps for daily use like uTorrent, Games, Steam, Google Earth. GC3 of course..

2. Cost of use. How much it costs to have a mac after you buy it? In Windows I spent almost nothing except power and buying some games and Kaspersky Internet Security.

3. Security. Using a mac means I don't have to worry about security am I covered or I still need some extra security software?

4. Customization. I don't like white and bright interfaces and dislike white in general from phones to cars. Is there customization for OSX? Do I have the same freedom as I do in windows changing icons, colours etc?

5. CPU and RAM and OSX. Having an almost 3yr old computer with an Intel 2600k and 16GB RAM I'm very satisfied only playing GC3 with Insane sized map it becomes slow sometimes so much I have to reboot. OSX is lighter compared to windows? 3.5Ghz CPU / 16GB RAM would be enough to run a heavy app or game smoothly?

6. Storage: I will choose a flash drive 256GB as option and buy an external drive for my files around 4GB or bigger. What's the fastest interface and best option for external drive?


You are welcome to give me any tips I haven't think about. Not interested for hackintosh..