Possible easter egg?

What is planet JMSTY?

Posted on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Just finished all thew way through with my first mod and the last planet was named JMSTY.  Here's a screenshot.


JMSTY planet


BBeing all in caps, I had to woindwer if it stood for something.  For example, the JMS could be someones initials, and the TY be 'Thank You'.  Maybe, 'J. Michael Straczynski, Thank You'?  Not sating it IS, just that it COULD.  Which would make this victory epic, considering what the mod I created is. Here's a screenshot of the faction and it's home star system.





gThe race is the Minbari, based in the Chi Draconis system, a binary star syetm, and the planet Minbar (still working on getting three mons to orbit the planet).  It's based on the Babylon 5 'verse, which J. Michael Straczynski created.  And I had no CLUE the planet was there, btw.


So, short story long, if it was a deliberate tip-of-the-hat to JMS, rock on! ^m^

If it was an accident, I'm still gonna go with epic in it's own right.  Great game, Stardock and EVERYONE who's had a hand in this masterpiece!