My Custom Races and Modding (Nasty!)

Posted on Friday, April 3, 2015

I`ve been meaning to post this for a while,.. It looks that there are several post on this subject now.

Here is Dereks Links on Modding :



I`ve been busy with Rand and ED with making our own PICS for our race Icons and Race Pics.
also have been able to do still shot of the race pics for the Bink files.The Text does not go on the pic as most think it does the text has it`s own file too.Of course all this can or will change with Beta 5.

Here a few PICS.




It was easy to do once I figure which files were involved,....Once Beta 5 gets here I`ll look to see if this will still work this way or if it will be easier to do it threw the game,

Well as Betas go things  change so this may not be Current.


Well Things DID change so I`ll need to figure it out again!

I like to thank stonehold and Ronnar for they`re Input on the other post.