We need the ability to designate a custom constructor for autodispatch

Posted on Monday, March 30, 2015

I don't know how amny of you guys are aware, but i've been using a neat little trick since galciv 2. For the constructors that i build most of the time, (to upgrade starbases with) i design a special constructor which is stripped down to nothing but a hull and construction module. Removing the engines and life support. I name this ship Upgrader

This lowers the cost significantly, by about 40-60% compared to the default one, and enables me to crank them out a turn or two faster, which is pretty critical

I'm loving the new starbase request/dispatch feature, but there seems to be a problem with it, in that the request button will only call a default constructor, with unnecessary life support. Situations where i can't reach a base i've already built are exceeedingly rare, life support is completely pointless and a waste of time and industry points.

If i delete/obsolete the default constructor design, the requesting feature breaks, and throws the error "You cannot build constructors at this time"


What i want it to do is to autobuild my upgrader ships when i click request, and not the default ones.