Creating custom races

How about some minor tweaks?

Posted on Thursday, March 26, 2015


Thanks for the feedback!  

I talked with the lead designer about this and there maybe tweaks that will need to be made with the map generation.

Now would you kindly talk with someone to make an ingame ships painting tool for those who do not have the habit to tinker with xml file? There are preset schemes to choos from but none matches the one I've planned for the race I intended to create. And suddenly I discovered that there is no such thing as painting tool like in GC2! I'd appreciate you bringing it back for us noobs.

And perhaps an option to import files (including jpg extensions) as leader portraits, backgrounds, flags and the like? Cause the only graphic tool I bothered to install on my PC is good old paint and it doesn't seem to be able to create png files the game would use. Portraits made with it do appear as grey squares in the selection menu. Plus I still have to manually place pictures in the appropriate folder. Solving this would help noobs like me quite a lot!

Really this whould help a lot for the people who would want to play and create their races but do not have the proper skills to mod the game. So far this aspect of the game isn't too friendly for noobs and casuals.