Posted on Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hey guys,

before this turns into the usual "Oh no, not another post about tactical combat", let me say this: I don't want them to change the combat mode or put longer tactical fights in there. I am already glad, that GalCiv III offers more than Civilizations "right-click on the enemy to have a dice roll in the background to see if you blow up the archer or the archer shoots down your chopper with an arrow" (good old civ 3...).

What I am a little concerned about is how the defence-systems work. I completely understand ECMs not working against beams or bullets, and I might also be able to accept the later missiles beeing able to phase through shields or beams simply cutting apart armor, but armor shut definitly be able to take some missile-hits and shields should be able to block bullets.

I am well-aware that GalCiv has never really focused on combat (or rather it's very own unique shipdesigning-system makes that impossible), but I feel like some logic should be in there.

Just some thoughts to the battles, I just don't enjoy it's current A beats B and C, B beats A and C, etc. system.