My Feedback (Suggestions, Bugs and Functionality Questions)

Posted on Sunday, March 8, 2015

After spending some time with this game I decided to post my feedback as well I am ex GCII player so I have the idea how things worked before.

1) Power

- Doesn't properly reflect player's position when compared to other races, ships are way too much overrated.

- Example: I have 50% of the galaxy covered in my influence, leading research (being ahead with 50-60 tech compared to other races), have 30 planets (other races have around 50, one has 20) and have zero fleet (few constructors, 4 high tech ships to deal with attacks). I am ranked as the last. While having planets could be understood as important fact and I do agree, I was ranked as the last in power even at time when all races had same number of planets and I was leading the research. To have 150 ships on its own means nothing. A strong economy or strong culture can steamroll you no matter how big armada you have and this should be reflected.

2) Biosphere Manipulator

- "Terraform multiple tiles" not true, only one tile can be terraformed (I know that a lot of text is still placeholder but its tied to functionality).

- At high quality planets it can't be placed at all or there is only one slot which you can take up by other terraforming improvement and you can't place it at all then.

3) Civilization Capital

- It would be nice if a planet icon of civilization capital in minimal zoom (main screen, zooming away from planets) would be coloured differently (or golden circle around it, something...) to easily find it and tell apart from other planets.

4) Starbases

- "Military/Culture/Economic/Mining Ring" should have info that choosing one locks up the other options. This would be good for new players (new to Gal Civ series).

- Autoupgrade ability that would make selected shipyard/shipyards send constructors till selected/all modules are constructed. Ability to select only certain modules from the available list of modules (with its advanced versions) would be nice as not always you want to have all modules on your starbase.

- Elerium, Durantium and Antimatter are quite puzzling. There is no info what they actually benefit and give no hint to the player how much he needs of it if at all.

5) Sensor Improvement for planets

- To boost planetary sensor range. To have this option when building starbase is too risky, too costly, too problematic and you need larger vision in the area.

- Example: Border planet of your empire and you want to know if someone is sneaking into your territory.

6) Technology Tree

- Beam Amplification, Warhead Acceleration and Frictionless Acceleration have range +15% two times. Either it's bug or misleading info because I don't know if it means +30% range or 15% range for ships and 15% range for Starbases or just bug.

- Logistical Support has no modul/upgrade tied to it. No idea what it actually does.

- High Capacity Carriers has no modul tied to it.

7) Ideaology

- Direct rewards are somewhere between useless and worthless. Ideology tree should give you option to choose various comparable rewards. 1 colony ship vs permanent boost to a planet (even one single planet still better)? Research points? In reality you go for lasting rewards and then you pick up this "trash" when trying to reach other parts of the tree. That is wrong. 250 research points with my 2000 research points per turn feel like joke. Only good direct reward is a planet because obviously planets have lasting effect on your empire. Not so big when you have 60 planets but every planet counts and in small games it can make a big difference.

- Undaunted is a game breaker. The simple worst reward created. If anyone tries to go influence victory say goodbye, you lost. As example I can provide situation where there is strong evil race powerful in military but nothing else. I on other hand have race that leads technology and influence. All victory options should be equally possible but I can't take their worlds but they can still take mine (even by influence but unlikely). Of course players can shift to some military but they shouldn't be forced to. Compared to other rewards they from all 3 ideologies, this one is jackpot. What is worse, it's level 3 ideology reward, so all races can get it and continue with majority points in other ideologies, killing influence takeover completely!. It's game breaking and should be reduced to a) cultural resistance b ) immunity for first x planets c) something else.

8) Diplomacy\Treaties

- History of all technology trades is nice but I hope that active treaties will be visualised in better way as this is very chaotic.

- Cultural Treaty, Free Trade Agreement and Slave Brokering are unclear how they work. You can offer each of them multiple times to the same race and I don't see 5% bonus mentioned on planetary income or research info chart. Do they stack? Do they effect just one random planet each time you make the deal with other race?

- Overjoyed race which only has one minus with me for military is not willing to accept Non Aggression Pact or Alliance. Connected to problem of power as mentioned before. AI should add its positive mood and other aspects of your race (technology, influence, population...) into decision making equation. Also there is no reason for AI in war with other races not to ally with you if you are military weak race, as you are no direct thread to them but still can support them in other areas like research and economy (at least thinking of good races).

9) Designer

- If I click "User" tab I would like to see only user made ships. They are just on top but other ships are there as well.

- Rapid Recharger (Beam Augment) is in Modules tab but rest of augments are in Weapons tab.

- Rapid Reload has info about Missiles but is Kinetic Augment.

- Support tab is empty. I wonder what will get in there...

10) Hypergates

- I wonder if it is possible to add something like hypergates. If those races can uncover Precursor's ship and tech they should be able to construct Hypergates. In restricted number and after a lot of research. In big maps this would be helpful and you could provide players with on/off option before map start.

11) Relics

- I hope future updates will bring in some tab to view influence calculation. We can only see such calculation per planet in planetary influence info tab and cultural relic bonus is not included in there.

- Approval relic bonus is not included in planetary approval info tab.


That is all I had in mind, hope it helps