My thoughts, thus far; on the colonization process.

Pictures speak a thousand words

Posted on Friday, March 6, 2015

I've been watching and waiting and I've finally started playing the game now.  So, I guess you might consider these my first impressions.

I love the graphics of the first colonization of a planet; but it saddens me that what I see isn't actually what happens.  In the vid the modules eject from the ship and make their way to the surface of the planet.  That would imply to me that the core of the ship remains; but that's not the case.  Is it?

In addition, in the animation, there are numerous pods sent down; and the ship design does reflect more than one.  However, as it stands now, one pod is all it takes to load up half the population of my starting planet.  That seems a bit much to me.

Personally, I'd like to see the planet colonization take on a little more of the look and feel of a game I used (to be able) to play; called Outpost.  But that's, no doubt, asking too much.  Then again, is it?  There's been a lot of "specialization" added to the game.  it seems to me that it'd be only natural for that to be incorporated into the purpose of each planet: after all, what is it those factories are producing?

Perhaps that's simply way too much micro-management; but I grew up playing with Lego Blocks; and putting model cars, boats and planes together from kits.  To me, the fun of the game is in building my Galactic Civilization.  The joy is in fitting the pieces together.

Anyway, I think the modules should be just that: modules.  The core of the constructor or colony ship should remain intact and return to be refitted with new modules; and yes they have to return!  The ability to upgrade ships that are not inside a facility designed to do such remains something of a cheat.