Culture flips too easy

Posted on Sunday, March 1, 2015

I'm sure it has been brought up before, but I will bring it up again.  Culture flips are really way too easy in my opinion.  Discount the ideology specials regarding culture flips, I'm just talking about base normal culture flipping.  If another civilization colonizes a planet within my zone of control, it is mine in 10 turns no matter what basically.  And vice versa.  It doesn't seem to matter if the newly founded colony has a higher influence growth rate than any nearby foreign civs worlds, if it is in the foreign zone of control it will be theirs.  You would think the citizens of your empire would be a little less wishy washy and a little more loyal, and not just instantly say "hey let's join these other guys that live close to us!".  The British Empire (or any other empire in human history for that matter) of long long ago never would have existed if their colonists were as horribly disloyal as all of the citizens in the GalCiv3 galaxy seem to be