No tactics in space battles, but what about...

Request for feature

Posted on Saturday, February 28, 2015

I realize that the decision was apparently to not include tactics control in the battle viewer.

However, in a dev stream I thought I saw someone discussing planned controls on ship behavior.

Was I dreaming this?

If I was...


Idea is that when DESIGNING ships you are able to set some tactical behaviors -- above and beyond mere equipment config.

So, for instance, you could assign one ship to "defend large ships in fleet from small fighters" as a behavior preference.

Or you could make a shield bearing ship, and indicate that it should "surround and take hits for large ship in fleet."

Or make a small ship with a behavioral preference to "focus attack on large enemy first."

Or how about... "Ram opponent."

... point made.


So still no tactical control, still only ship design.

But would be design with ship behavior in mind.


Would be cool, and would feel like it is still possible to have a LITTLE tactical influence, even if you can't intervene in fight while it is happening.


Just a thought... or maybe an echo of what is already planned...