20150227 Dev Stream News "Disappointing", says one Founder

Skill levels higher than "Normal" will simply cheat in order to seem better.

Posted on Friday, February 27, 2015

It was mentioned that the (now so-called) AI will reach its maximum skill at the "Normal" level.  Above "Normal," advantages are given to computer players so they can play "better." (All quotes are mine.)

This is very disappointing. I had higher hopes for this game.  

Perhaps it's because AI is my career, and I believe no game should need to cheat to win (or at least tie). I think the team decided to give up before the job was finished. I don't mean to be harsh.

Maybe I'm alone on this. I'm genuinely interested to know what other people think, no, feel about this situation.  Some people care that the physics is modeled correctly, others that black holes look realistic. I care about the...hmm, not sure what to call it...although the term AI is overused today, I hesitate to use it when it applies to what might just be a deterministic set of if...then...else rules, or whatever is being used.  It's not like I expected anything like "learning" behavior, but I did expect heuristics and other techniques and algorithms in sufficient quantity and quality to produce the same playing field that real world systems thrive in every day.  Why is the bar set low for a game like this?

Is anyone else disappointed?