Suggestion:Thoughts On Possible Ideology Changes/Balancing

Posted on Friday, February 20, 2015

Now before I start I want to say that I really like the whole Ideology thing that has been introduced in GCIII I just feel that collecting IP (Ideology Points) is a little unbalanced just now.


So what I was going to suggest was a possible change the devs could look into doing? Also if anyone else has ideas or conflicts with what I say then please say. I love criticism and can take it very well


OK so here goes:

Firstly I think the points that you need to get new ideology policies should be balanced more, as of right now I feel that cross-Ideology is too easy and fairly broken IMO. So my suggestion is to make the IP increase across all policies e,g, if you choose to increase Benevolence then Malevolence and pragmantic should also increase by the same amount of IP

Secondly I think that the increase in IP should be somewhere between 10-20IP per policy

Thirdy I think that there should be more ways to increase you IP and not just through planet colonization and "rare" random events. My ideas for this are to increase IP dependent on what route the player takes e.g. going to war and conqeuring planets should increase malevolent points, as well as researching warfare; you could also have trade agreements, trade routes, peace brokering, researching diplomacy and trade and surveying could all increase pragmatic points; and lastly benelovent points could be increased through tech trading, researching influence, tech and planet based improvements, taking over planets through influence, keeping approval rating above 100 etc etc


These are just a few of the ideas I have on the Ideology matter. I think if even some of this was to be introduced it will increase the "focus" certain players go down instead of just doing everything and roflstomping the AI


Thank you everyone


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