Hyperion Shrinker

Posted on Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I think the Hyperion Shrinker needs some reworking.  Yes it does indeed allow ships manufactured from the origin planet's shipyard to have more capacity.  However, it is kind of pointless when you have no control over what the extra capacity is used for.  For example, the constructors built by the shipyard from the planet that has my Hyperion Shrinker automatically come with extra life support range modules and a sensor module, which contructors from my other shipyards don't have.  Ok great, but I really don't want or need more range or extra sensors on my constructors, I would much rather have something like another contructor module or more engines.  And I have no idea yet what it will decide to put on any kind of warship I build at that starbase, but it is probably a good bet it won't be something I wanted it to do with the extra space available.


This is kind of like the colony capitol placement at the moment.  As a Galactic Emperor, I really don't want what my own empire is creating and doing to be a random crapshoot.  I want the final say in all aspects of what my Empire is doing.