Some Beta Questions

Posted on Sunday, February 15, 2015

   I'm sure I'm missing something, and it may be in another thread or Wiki somewhere, but the following are confusing me:

   1)  Can you have more than 1 tourist building on a planet?  I can only build 1 port of call even if I have 2 tourist boosting tiles.

   2)  Is Approval in?  I rarely have problems holding 100% approval.

   3)  Benevolent Outreach 2 and 3:  2 says a class 10 planet but gives me a random class planet each game, and 3 does not boost starting population in new colonies.

   4)  How useful is +10 production in new capital (Malevolent).  I have no idea what it actually does.  There is a tech that grants +1 per planet, same question.

   5)  Why can't we choose how to specialize a starbase when we plant it?  Makes more sense than sending a second constructor and trying remember which starbase was built for what.

   6)  Is there a UI that shows which choice you took on founding the planet?  Or is it only available in mouseover?  Being able to see at a glance if a planet is + production or - approval would be nice.

   7)  Tourism seems unbalanced / OP / wip.  Once I get it I rarely need to put any production into wealth.

   8)  Seems wasteful that the free planets you get from Benevolent start at max pop.  I use colony ships to siphon off the pop so it will grow back.