Colony Capitols

Posted on Sunday, February 15, 2015

Please let us choose where the Colony Capitol building is placed when we colonize a planet.  It is just silly that such an important structure gets randomly placed in any old hex when you colonize a planet.  It is especially annoying when the Capitol gets placed off in a corner with no other useable tiles next to it.  I mean come on.  I can understand not getting to place our civilization Capitol where ever we want on our homeworld, because you can argue that the capitol was there long before the player ever became Emperor for his/her entire race.  But every planet we colonize, we are now in charge.  We should be able to say "Oh look, there's some nice resources.  Let's get the most out of them by placing the colony capitol next to them."  Instead we have some stumbling drunken blind meth-head throw a dart at a dartboard to determine where the most important building for the colony gets placed.  That always bugged me a lot in GalCiv 2.  It bugs me even more in GalCiv 3 since we get adjacency bonuses now (that get wasted by crappy capitol building placement).


I know something about this was mentioned in one of the dev streams.  But the answer was some sort of off-hand acknowledgement that it might be looked into, or something like that.  I would like a little more assuring answer than that.  Please let us control the placement of the colony capitol building