After Patch 2 Culture Observation

Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

First I should mention that at turn 186 in an Immense game, I started running into very frequent freezes (not CTDs).   I then loaded the OPTIN patch 2.  I then was able to continue, and the performance seemed much better (I have 8gb memory).   So far so good!

Now on to the meat...of course I was very interested in the culture bug and the Hot Fix.   In the game mentioned above, namely

if anyone wants to check it out.   There was a "blob of doom" that had appeared near one of my colonies.   After the was gone.  Great.  

I did look over the map, however, and did see a couple of situations that seemed odd...although, to be sure, I am not at all certain, on thinking about it, that these aren't exactly as expected.   However, as I say, they do look a bit curious.