Galactic Civilizations III - Beta 4 Patch 2 OPT-IN Notes!

Posted on Monday, February 9, 2015

Opt-in released 2/10/15

Major Crash/Stuck Turn Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash within Miles, where too many sounds were being instanced at once. 
  • Fixed a crash to handle a rare, but valid, case where a fleet is involved in 2 merges.
  • Fixed a multi-invasion crash that appeared to the user as a stuck turn.
  • Fixed a stuck turn in reference to a constructor moving to a full starbase, the AI no longer stalls at this point.
  • Fixed another stuck turn, where the AI was stalling on multi-invasion.
  • Fixed an instance where trapping an enemy ship, would stall the game.
  • Fixed a stuck turn where 2 fleets attack a defended planet and the second one can't execute the battle.


  • Fixed a culture radius oddity(Greatly appreciate the save files in reference to this issue.)
  • Fixed the anomaly rewarded survey ships not surveying. (Rest assured the previous pilots have been fired and the ships will now survey as intended.) 
  • Fixed three instances where ship icons were not being displayed for ships.

Personal Notes/Comments:

  • Thank you to the testers for providing your files so that we could track down the issues that you are seeing in the game. (Especially in reference to that influence issue.)
  • Please feel free to create a post/send a ticket to support so that we can continue to address the issues that you are seeing out there.