Computer Optimization (Mantle?)

Posted on Monday, February 9, 2015

So I'm curious if the game currently supports Mantle and if so how to enable it?

I have R9280 card that runs mantle on Battlefield and a few others that really does improve performance.


GalCiv3 really seems to stress test my system however.  These are the rest of my system specs: W7 Pro, AMD A10 6800 cpu  16g DDR3 1800 ram..

I decided to play an Immense map with everything turned to Abundant.

 280 turns in the game starts to lag a lot.   I ran a quick diagnostic and found my CPU was at 89% load across all four cores and I had 8.9 gigs of memory currently being used.

However the catalyst diagnostic showed that the video card was only under 22% load and it was only using half of the VRam available to it.


So I'm curious... it seems that some parts of Gal Civ are still running as though it is a 32bit game.. and not using all of the processes available to a true 64bit (the money overflow issue as an example)

So I'm curious if there is something I can do to improve my computer... or if this is stuff that SD is working on to better optimize the game and will improve before launch?

I'm fine with just playing large or Giant maps..  or lowering the number of stars....    So if the answer is simply that I'm asking my computer to do more that it can do I'm cool with that.  But if I can make things better on my side, I'd like to know.