Really want Xcom in 64 bit, DX 12 with Hexes...When is SD gonna buy the license and make it?

Posted on Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I love Xcom. Its a great game. Its a Tactical Combat lovers happy place. Firaxis did a pretty good job with it and its expansion but has abandoned it and as far as can be seen has zero plans to update or even do the same thing in 'newer' technology. 

If I won the Power ball Lottery...850 Million.?? I would buy the liscence from Firaxis and hire Paul to release it as 

Xcom-Reborn ...or something along that line. 

Native in 64 bit.

Hexes instead of Squares.

DX 12, Fully supporting multi core/threads. 

Multi monitor as well as 4K resolutions.

Increased story line. Squad sizes up to 10 men!

Modular gear and appearance gear. 

Well one can dream eh?