Please help the Yor before .71 goes live

Posted on Saturday, January 31, 2015

Removing the Assembly Project from the Yor has severely hurt their playability for a few reasons:

1)      Fast Assembly is bugged

-          It isn’t effected by +synthetic growth techs and improvements

-          It doesn’t respect the synthetic population cap

2)      Fast Assembly creates more micro than it saves because you can only build Yor in increments of 5. This means if you want to keep your population at or near the morale cap you need to use colony ships or transporters to shuttle your population around. This is super annoying and micro heavy.

3)      Fast Assembly is difficult to use on worlds with low population due to high cost. Assembly Project allowed you to grow more slowly with lower production allowing a growth curve for planets with lower population.

4)      Fast Assembly caps your population growth at 5/turn. This one might be on purpose for balance reasons.

Please put back the option of the Assembly Project before .71 goes live. If not, at least give us an improvement that builds 1 Yor for ~20 production that will allow us better control over our population growth.