possible solution to constructor spam on star bases

Posted on Friday, January 30, 2015

For those who don't like having to build endless numbers of  constructors why not get Stardock to do the following...

treat starbases as you treat trade routes.

Initially a person would build one constructor to build the star base.  


Then they would have to build a subsequent constructor (the supply constructor) to supply the starbase.  It would basically be a controllable sifon on production... the production would take time to make it to the base you can have a screen that shows how much production that you want to send each time. It would be a percentage  of production.


Each starbase upgrade would take a certain amount of production to build.


The length of time it would take to get there would be distance / movement points of 2nd constructor built.


Like the trade routes there would be a minature ship going back and forth.  These can be destroyed.  If destroyed you would have to build a new one.


Multiple planets can supprt the same star base.


On each starbase you can map out which upgrades that you want built in whtich order. upgrades can be built simultaneously.


Per planet you can have an auto upgrade toggle on your supply constructors so that when you have technology that increases your movement then you would instead of going on route stay at the homeplanet until you have accrued enough production your constructor is upgraded and is now faster.


A planet would be able to support multiple starbases.


Either from the planet or the starbases you would be able to stop the supply of each constructor.


This should answer to those who hate micromanagement of star bases and allow those who like them to keep them.


Of course with the 2x pragmatism bonus you get double the supply from each constructor.


You could also use a non supply constructor as well do build the upgrades faster.