A few minor points which will improve the game (beta 6 update)

Posted on Friday, January 30, 2015



after playing beta 0.7 (updated for beta 0.9 - I marked the alrdy fixed points green) for some time, I want to share a few thoughts here:


1) Add more keyboard shortcuts! Especially for heavily used buttons. E. g. a shortcut to switch through your colonized planets (arrow keys?) and for the planet specific govern button (g?). Furthermore, it would be nice to open "Govern", "Technology", "Diplomacy" etc. usign the F-keys.


2) Add a configurable max. fps option to avoid high system load. (Yes, it can be done using vsync or gfx drivers too...)


3) Add an option to set the tech tree view as default and make it scaleable. (DONE)


4) You can't exit the ship designer (and starport) with escape (you should).


5) Check the behaviour/rounding at small values. E. g. one can set a tiny manuf. value (0.5) to get 25% "free" growth using birth sub. (FIXED)


6) Quantify the research costs! Currently one needs to check percentages multiple times to narrow down the cost and the waste of ressources respectively. (This was improved via the 1 round overflow)


7) It is a bit cumbersome to update the colony properties by switching to a next colony and then return. Make an update/refresh colony button and a shortcut!


8) At game start, docking the col. ship into the shipyard will make the pop. on board vanish. (FIXED)


Nevertheless, the game is currently in a very playable state and is fun. Keep on the good work!


Best Regards,


a beta tester


PS: Should the Thalan really get more than 5 techs for free at game start? I only get them for free when I use the non-techtree view (which might be a bug).