[0.70] Full Screen Tech???

Posted on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I cannot understand why you made this horrible interface mistake. The tech full screen window looks very bad and its totally inefficient.

I have put the game on hold untill a new patch comes and hopefully this will be fixed. Seriously I cannot play the game like this. On a 27"inch monitor at 2560x1440 it's huge my cursor has to travel long distances!

As much I like the cute robot it's waste of space and everytime I research something I have to click and accept then in the main screen which is seperated in 4 seperate categories.

Please shrink the window back to previous size, keep the robot in the background or a small window. And when a research is finished instead of another window post a msg in the tech screen.

Simplify the tech tree layout by keeping all categories in same screen having the selected ON (bright) and the other OFF (darker).

Simpler and more efficient.