Complete List of Errors Posted for Beta 6 Patch 1 [] (& older) *EOL*

Posted on Saturday, January 24, 2015

Because of the game release of next week and the constant updates to the game over the next week to get it ready this post will not be updated going forward.

I would like to thank everyone for the appreciation they gave me for keeping this post up to date.  Fortunately the game is being released next week, so in attempts to minimize the appearance of a buggy game I will no longer be keeping this post up to date.

 With this being said, I would love to continue contributing any way I can to benefit this game and anything else I can help with.


Reported Issues for Beta 6 Patch 1 ( and older, please note on older linked errors if it is still present in Beta 6 Patch 1.

Also please note which version on any new bug post issues.

Here is a complete list of issues that already have forum topics, Please add to these topics as they exist already or follow the requested steps to create a support ticket or attempt a solution.  (Note there are some general complaints in some of these posts that have been left out as they may or may not be bugs)

Note Raynman has suggested Support tickets on several of these posts.  Support tickets can be done as follows

If you are having issues with crashes to desktop, please adjust settings (resolution, map sizes, anti-aliasing)  See picture at bottom of post.  Then note in support tickets what steps were taken, example didn't crash at these settings but, crashed using these settings.

Stardock has asked that we please respond with exactly what is happening; exact steps on how to reproduce the issue; map size and at what point in the game it occurs. Please also supply any screenshots \ video clips that may help illustrate the issue. Jing is a free app for that can be used for this:

For support where examining saves is required, names of ships, planets and starbases, etc, are extremely helpful in their attempts to reproduce the issue. 

Link to forums for explanation:

Link to support tool:

Oh! Here is the location for dmp files!
"C:\ProgramData\Stardock\Galactic Civilizations III" 


Always looking for a way to improve how this list is displayed feedback is welcome.  Sorry if I missed any.  I will attempt to keep it updated.