[0.61] Too much micro management

Posted on Sunday, January 18, 2015

I've been finding that the amount of micro management that I need to do to play is killing the fun for me. I find that there are many things that I waste time and mouse clicks on that could be improved.

1. Governors for planets. I find that I usually follow a pattern when developing my planets. I follow that pattern for nearly all my planets. I've done it enough times that I don't think there is much need for me to be doing it myself anymore if I could somehow program an AI to follow that pattern. Its not that complex, specialize the planet for manufacturing, research, or economics, grow population, keep morale high.

2. Improve planet projects. I find that planet projects to be undesirable and problematic to use. Some are worse or more problematic to use than others. For instance, the population growth planet project is only useful for a limited amount of time. Due to the none existent options to control project, it does not turn itself off when there is not point in having it (like using a population growth project when the population is at max).

3. Ship management. The game requires too much attention to be given to the management of ships. You can't tell ships to do stuff with hot keys. There is no option for standing orders. You can't ignore idle ships. On the plus side, the guard command seems to have got changed at some point so it does not wake when enemy ships are nearby.

4. Ship yard management. The game doesn't allow for repeat builds yet, or allow you save and add groups of ships to build. I find too much time is wasted on returning to the ship yard to add more ships to the queue. When I do do that, I tend to build a whole bunch of the same ships since I find it a pain to go looking for a variety of ships to add to the queue.

5. Too much United Planets. The UP shows up too often. Once I'm in control, I quickly nab all the UP actions that I want, but then I run out and have to pick something to vote on anyways. I pick something that I don't want and vote against it. On top of that, some UP vote things expire over time, so I have to remember to check in on what I have to renew. I find that the game plays better with UP off (that should say something).

6. The AI asks for peace too frequently. If you are overwhelming them, they will ask for peace every turn. If you don't have the means to finish them off quickly, this can become a pain. It would be much appreciated if you could turn away their ambassadors, or enable surrendering.

7. Can't quickly empty planet tiles. When you conquer a new world, you have to make the decision of what to keep. For me, it is often to destroy everything and start over (since the AI can't build well). The process of destroying planet improvements is not smooth. I recall that in GalCiv 2, I could delete a planet improvement by pressing the delete key on the keyboard, but there is no equivalent for GalCiv 3. If you wanted to destroy something, you had to select the tile and then find the button on the user interface to destroy it. If the planet improvement was upgrading, then you had to cancel the upgrading (which is a little different) before you can destroy the improvement. I would like it if I could use the delete key to destroy the planet improvement and any upgrading in progress. Extra points if it could automatically select a new planet improvement.

8. Governors for starbases. Like with planets, I tend to follow a process that I think gets best results for my starbases. As such, I don't think I should need to manually select every upgrade that my starbase needs. I just need to make a list of everything that I want, and what order I want them in. Then I just need to worry about getting enough constructors to my starbases. It would be very nice if I could save these lists so that I could reuse them between games.