Drengin Mid Range Fighter Design

Posted on Thursday, December 25, 2014

This is a Mid-Range Drengin fighter that i designed. For aesthetics i put the Warp Drive on it with 2 Particle Beams and a Rapid Reload beam augmenter.


The overall design is pretty simple, what took me a moment to get was the Laser array. I designed the lasers to look perfectly symmetrical and even managed to get the Rapid Reload to fit perfectly between them, mounted on the side. The Rapid Reload is the glowing red portion on the side of the lasers.


For some reason, i could add more pieces to the shp, but i could not select them in the item bar on the bottom, the item bar seemed to max out very quickly, at about 20 items... Also, the ship designer isn't accessible from the main menu, i have to do it from in-game which limits me to the research i've done and ship space, etc etc.