Made Beta 3 Let's Play - New Sounds are way TOO LOUD! HELP

What do you think?

Posted on Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Could really do with some feedback...


So created new LP recorded 5 videos so far uploaded one below.  The loudest new game noises are altering the planet and ship yard queue but there all loud.  Check 4:35 onwards in the video to see what I mean.  As I mention in the video there's no way to lower there volume you can turn them off by muting the sfx but that turns everything off.  There's a stop sounds option in the debug console but that doesn't seem to do anything. 


0.61 didn't change anything seemingly have the patch notes for that been released?  Trying to edit the worst noises out of 5 videos would be a nightmare easy in this video perhaps but 30+ instances by the 5th.  So I'm not sure what to do should I scrap these videos and rerecord without sfx on, wait for a patch leave it as is or something else what do you think?



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thanks in advance - Macesn.