Bad, false terms given with the latest update

Posted on Tuesday, December 16, 2014

First, I believe this to be the best version yet. Not huge changes, but a new race, and new sound effects/music, and the new versions of the smaller items are better, in my opinion.

That being said, during start up, the program will say something that it has never said before; it only started with 0.61, and here it is: "This video card is reporting less than 512Mb of video ram. It may not be able to run Galactic Civilizations III." Now, my computer has ~10 Rams of memory, so this is a major problem. I say major, but it has not effected the play of the game at all that I can tell so far.

Now, I have a 2 video computer, a Lenovo, the current version of IBM, that has been separated from the main company and is being built overseas, but is still great.  I have never had a problem with them, not even a tiny one. I bring this up because of the way it works. The original video is wired into the board, but is increadably weak. it has power common in the 90's. Now, when overused, it is supposed to go up and use the larger video. Now, I have programs I use to check such things.  One I highly recommend for checking AMD's is called "TechPowerUp GPU-Z"  It is free and will show you many, many things about your video system. It also works 'live', which I mean it is live and will change as the system changes as you go.

The board has wired into it the slow, foul 'card' called the "Radeon HD 8370 D. It is increadably small, slow, etc. It has a tiny system. The card I put into the puter is a "Radeon 7700" This card, though with a lower number is ~10 times more powerful than the pos that is wired into it. It does things, of course, that the previous one will not do. Odd that such a low numbered card, is so much better than one so much higher, but there you go.

I wanted to check how the cards were working, so one form I used is the "device manager", which is typed in as a program. I easily found the 2 different video set-ups, and shut down the 8370 'crappy' card. No problem. The computer worked fine, but when I charged up GalCivIII, the same thing happened, as far as that message that I mentioned earlier. Even though I stopped that card , the message still came up. I got the game going just fine, and played it long enough to find no problems. (as of yet)

Just wanted to let you know, in case this may cause something else. Annoyance, for sure, but maybe some other problem that I have not found yet.

Thank you for your time, one that is taking much longer than I thought, but after seeing where things are going, take all the time you need. Mistralok1