Need a diplomacy screen similiar to 'info-addicts' addon for Civ V (who hates who)

Posted on Monday, December 15, 2014

When I was playing as the Terrans I went into diplomacy and noted that the Krynn were upset because I was trading with someone they were at war with.




When we are at diplomacy we need a better screen to understand who is at war with who. If you go to 'enemies' tab it simply reorganizes the races differently than on the 'diplomacy' tab. How can I tell who dislikes who and who 'likes' who?


I want to sell ships at supra low cost to this guys enemies because I want to, who is that?


In Civ V there is an add on you can get by 'Info-addict'. It shows CLEARLY by little colored lines linking each race what is going on. Me and Altarians trading? Thin blue line connecting us. Krynn at war with Iridium? Thin red line connecting them. Yor embargoing or angry at Terrans? Thin yellow or orange line connecting them.


His mod also has other great features but that is the gist of what I need for diplomacy.